Flat bed scanners can now be purchased very cheaply
and are even given free with some computer systems.

This has helped to enhance the services we offer
and given our customers a better understanding
of scanning techniques and limitations but most of all,
the advantages which can be gained.

We currently use Agfa Snapscan giving 600 x 600 true DPI.

We find this machine very useful for QA checking
against the larger equipment and ideal for books
or items which cannot be feed via the 36 inch machines.

Your next statement may possibly be

"But all I want is a scan!".

With over 10 years experience,
we can advise you of the best way forward,
which format and resolution to suit your application and equipment/software.

We have a number of different pricing structures to suit all requirements
from single to high volume users.


Whatever your Scanning needs are, CDL Studio can provide you with forward thinking ideas.