To continue our theme of quality and to enhance our services to the professional graphics user, we have included a 35mm slide and strip film scanner for positive or negative images.

Our unit scans directly from the film and not via adapters on flat bed scanners which is commonly used by other service companies. Scanning via an adapter losses colour balance, sharpness and tone.

We can offer users a true full 4000 DPI scan which re-defines a new level for scanning services in this area.

A 35mm slide scanned at 4000 DPI to a full A3 format, will not have any degradation to the image quality with exceptional detail in highlight and shadow areas, consist sharpness, true to life scan. Until recently, this could only be achieved by using drum scanning methods.We offer 4 areas of scanning services which are dependant on final output.

1. low res. Up to 500 DPI. For web site applications
2. Medium res. Up to 1000 DPI, ideal for presentation viewing
3. High res. Up to 2000 DPI, for poster high quality printouts
4. Maximum for the top end graphics professional.

We have a large range of colour profiles for monitor, input and printer output.
We also offer large format printing onto photographic type papers.


Whatever your Scanning needs are, CDL Studio can provide you with forward thinking ideas.